Automatic Writing - Channeling Demeter

I represent many aspects in this world from the farmland to the weather. I'm the embodiment of the land and sea. I am the mother goddess of nature. The conch shell to me represents the gift that all life forms have created. Each shell has its own unique purpose on this planet just as people and animals do. Each grain of sand on this Earth has its own purpose for that matter. When figuring out who we are and what we are here to do, we must master the thought - Are we here for the good of human kind? We must master each aspect of that one question - who are we, what are we her to accomplish, and why are we here to do it. Going back to the main question, we must be able to ask ourselves --> does our purpose or our truth represent the good or are we misleading ourselves by following the path provided to us by society. Many of us believe we are living our purpose but unfortunately we are living the purpose that society has placed upon us through fear of exploration and truth. We enjoy and find comfort in being similar to other thus hindering our progress in finding ourselves. Our process must be just that- OUR OWN. Stray away from the path of alikeness.

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