My Story

It takes courage to open up and heal areas of deep vulnerability. I commend you on taking the first step to connecting back to your true self.


After many years of struggling with depression, image issues, and high functioning anxiety I started my journey with energy healing and Reiki in 2015. With every energy session, I was able to resolve underlying emotional issues, trauma, and find the root problems that were hindering me from connecting to my true self. I’ve unlocked specific skill sets alongside earning my Reiki Master Teacher Licensing which builds the foundation for each of my healing modalities. I’ve devoted my life to opening my clients’  hearts and allowing them to take responsibility for who they are in order to love themselves more completely.


 As an empath and intuitive healer, I’ve had the honor to help guide and empower many star souls and lightworkers throughout the years to find the root issues disconnecting them from their truth and soul’s mission. Guiding people to rely on their intuition and inner knowledge rather than the logical mind is my passion and life purpose. Let’s work together to bring you back to your heart space so that the path of your highest bliss is illuminated. 


My Approach

As a Reiki Practitioner, my goal is to create a space for peace and comfort just for you. Each session, whether in person or through Distance Healing, is tailored to your current need.

A treatment always starts with a brief conversation to discuss your expectations and get to know you and your lifestyle. The treatment consists of aligning, balancing, and clearing any stagnant energy or blockages within the chakra system and the body as a whole.

Once the treatment is finished, you will feel more grounded, replenished, and fully connected to your energy bodies. My mission is to help you maintain a state of well-being and empowerment and take the steps necessary to be healthier and happier.